Welcome to my Projects page, where you can find the links to projects I have completed in high school that I've chosen to display. The links are attached in the project titles.


Studying our Origins from Mythological & Scientific Perspectives

August 2014 - Present (11th Grade)



This was a project that revolved around the essential question, "Where do we come from?" We attempted to answer this question through a memoir, an argumentative paper in which we argued in favor of the scientific explanation as to how things have come to be, and finally, through an original origin story that we illustrated through three different silhouette paper cuts.



Experiments on Mutant Plants

November 2014 - Present (11th Grade)



For this project, we studied the effects that a mutatation can have on an Arabidopsis plant. I was assigned a plant with a mutation, and I had to create an experiment that would ultimately help me answer a research question I formulated (that somehow compared normal, "wild type" Arabidopsis plants with ones that had a mutated gene). I helped add our day by day observations to a data collection sheet in order to ensure the best results possible.




Studying Happiness through Philosophy & Chemistry

January 2014 - June 2014 (10th Grade)



The Pursuit of Happiness was an interdisciplinary project that revolved around the essential questions, "What is happiness? How do you get it? How can happiness be understood scientifically? Is happiness chemically induced?" The goal was to understand the causes/consequences of society's mental illness, and different approaches to happiness. The final project deliverables were a research paper and a classroom production on happiness.




Palabras del Corazon (Words of the Heart)
Spoken Word
September 2013 - October 2013 (10th Grade)
This was a project where I studied the art of spoken word poetry. My two final products were a spoken word poem I wrote in English, and a translated version of the same poem in Spanish. I presented each poem at my teaching team's exhibition at the World Beat Center, a venue we rented for the night in Balboa Park.